The Celebration

by Swathi Reddy


designer and planner

Swathi Reddy is an event designer and planner, with profound design knowledge. She has been a design PhD scholar at IIT Guwahati and faculty at NIFT, Chennai. Her fascination towards the aspects of colour, form, texture and proportion of objects has driven her to experiment them across spaces. Her incredible eye for ideating beautiful spaces and attention to detail creates an experience that stays in memory forever. Her exquisite sense of style, fashion and decor creates experiences which are just perfect.

‘The Celebration’ took its inception with her passion in crafting and engraving impressions in reality from one’s biggest dreams. Swathi Reddy works as an integral part of the clients’ families, understanding their traditions, emotions, taste and expectations. She leaves no stone unturned to make every event an everlasting experience for the clients.

She believes that an event is not just another project. It’s a responsibility to make an important day happen with the most dreamy and joyful moments by establishing a social and emotional connect between the hosts and guests. She strongly believes that no celebration is small or big. But, every celebration is a unique affair in itself filled with warmth, positivity and high spirit. With her, the only thing that you will have on your mind is relishing the most energetic aura and the rest is taken care of.




Be it a beautiful assembling venue or an elegant decor, a stunning candid photoshoot or a traditional videography, delicious food or creative desserts - we provide all. We help you in choosing the best comforting stay and personalised gifts for your guests. How could a wedding be complete without prepping the bride for the most awaited stage! We bring, at your service, the best and endless choices of bridal services such as makeup artists, hair dressers and bridal couture. We passionately provide you all the services in the best fashion that defines your unique and perfect celebration. We take up end to end operational responsibilities leaving you with only entertainment.

An event can be best described as an everlasting time capsule of thousands of giggles, laughter and smiles by hundreds of charming, caring and loving people. For such an event, we understand not only the sheer importance of setting the stage to the best of the hosts' interests but also the arrant need of making love be felt in air. It is needless to say that it involves in-numerous aspects and micro elements. To create this memorable time capsule for you, we deeply believe in making every element speak of joy by itself through a seamless organisation of each desired aspect of the event.




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